Amabasya Puja – Nov 22

Dear Devotees,

Amabasha puja will be performed on 23.11.2022, Wednesday at Bangalore Kalibari. Puja will start 6pm followed by pushpanjali around 8.00 p.m. . After the puja, Bhog distribution will start on 8.30 pm. Present situation need to go by Government norms . Request your presence.

-Bangalore Kalibari Trust

Deepanwita Kalipuja (Diwali) 2022

Dear Bhaktas,

Please be informed that Deepanwita Kali Puja (Diwali) will be performed at Bangalore Kalibari on Monday, 24th Oct 2022. Detailed scheduled is stated below :

06:00 A.M : Abhishek
07:00 P.M : Puja starts
09.00 P.M : Janata Bhog starts
09:30 P.M : Pushpanjali
10:30 P.M : Mahabhog
11:00 P.M. : Mayayagnya

Please join us with your friend and family on this special occasion.

-Bangalore Kalibari Trust

Amavashya Puja 31 March

Dear Devotees,

Amavasya puja will be celebrated on 31.03.2022, Thursday at Bangalore Kalibari from 6:00 pm onwards, later Bhog will be distributed between7.30 pm- 8.45 pm. Government norms of maintaining social distance and wearing mask with proper use of sanitizer.

Bangalore Kalibari Trust
Mobile Number 7406406548, 7406402050


  1. On this auspicious day of Amavasya Puja the opportunity to avail the responsibility for
    1. Puja er Ayojon : By Ravi Kumar
    2. Bhog er Ayojon : By Ravi Kumar
  2. To make a stronger bonding with devotees, Bangalore Kalibari is going one step ahead ; it has been decided to invite TWO devotees, at a time, who are willing to prepare Maa er Bhog as part of Maa er seva (with few guidelines). Kindly enroll your name if you are willing.
  3. Requests would be taken on first come, first serve basis.

Bangalore Kalibari Trust