Neel Puja and Amavasya Puja

Amavasya Puja will be performed on 13th April (Tuesday).  The Puja will start at 7.00 pm.  Neel Puja is also scheduled on the same day.
It is proposed to distribute Community Bhog at 9.30 pm, after the Amavasya Puja.  The Bhog will be distributed on donation of Rs.35.00 per head.  Those who are interested may please confirm their participation by sending sms on 9449820576.
On the eve of POYELA BAISAKH (Bengali New Year) on 15th April, Special puja will be performed in Bangalore Kalibari.  Bengali Calander and Limited copies of Panjika will also be on sale.
We request your participation with your family and friends.  Please transmit this message in your circle and oblige.

Secy (9449820576)