A Baul once expressed his love and devotion towards Ma Kali as:

“I am sick of living, Ma, sick.
Life and money have run out,
But I go on crying,Tara,Tara!
Hoping. You are the Mother of All, And our nurse.
You carry the Three Worlds, In Your Belly.”

How succinctly these lines epitomize the eternal power or Shakti in Ma Kali!

Mother Kali or Ma Tara or Lady Twilight is the Cheater of Death, is the goddess of supreme knowledge, who has the power to grant her devotees the ability to know and realize the Absolute. The fiercest goddess in Hinduism Ma Kali is also one of the many forms of Shakti. With a single glimpse of Ma Kali ego will tremble in fear. While She is compassionate and loving towards all her devotees and shows them the path of salvation and liberation, She can also be wrathful to the arrogant. Carrying the severed head of demon Raktabija, the goddess represents a protector of all Her true devotees. Ma Kali’s different forms are known by different names – Bhadrakali, Rudrani, Dakshinakali, Aadya. It is with this devotional and all forgiving spirit that one must visit the abode of Ma Kali at Bangalore’s kalibari.

This is a place to know about Bangalore Kalibari, the one and only Kali temple managed by the Bengalees in Bangalore. It all started with a batch of enthusiastic Bengalees employed in Air Force, ITI who were staying in the vicinity of the present temple and used to perform Deepannita Kalipuja during every Dipawali.

The First Kali Puja in Bangalore was performed in the present location in the year 1973 (it was a barren field with a couple of thatched houses then) when Bangalore itself was a very small city. The Kali Puja was started with half a dozen Bengali friends who were devotees of MOTHER KALI. With the passage of time the number of Kali Bhaktas increased when it was rightly thought to put up a foundation for a KALI MANDIR.

A charitable organization, “BANGALORE KALIBARI TRUST”, (earlier known as Sri Kalimata Temple Trust) was registered in Bangalore in January 1976.  With the blessings of the ‘almighty’ the decision to construct KALI MANDIR was taken and the foundation of KALI MA’s Bigraha was laid on a piece of 3000 sft land which was donated to the Bangalore Kalibari Trust by the late devotee Srinivasa. The support for Kalibari from the Community was overwhelming that culminated by construction of the full fedged temple in 2003.

With the present age demand of information dissemination through Internet, we decided to put on all information pertaining to all aspects of Bangalore Kalibari through this site.

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  1. Excellent effort to be online. Probasi Bangali feels at home in Mother’s Feet at Kalibari. In the long-run all ranks’ Realize’ that Kalibari is the permanent Shelter- Mathar upar Chhat. JAY MAA KALI.

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