1. I’m interested to offer Puja at The Bangalore Kalibari but how can I send payment?

Ans : Please visit temple to donate. You can pay by digital mode and  cheques.

2. What is personalised Puja ?

Ans : Personalised Puja is a pattern of Puja services where each and every desire of you (as per your information) is personally prayed for, in course of your Puja, sitting or standing in-front of the temple deities. In course of your Puja your Gotro (if any), Star, etc., is also chanted and prayed.
3. What is the minimum time required for offering Puja ?

Ans : In some cases within 24 hrs. and in some cases 72 hrs. We always try to find the auspicious timings for offering your Puja. Sometimes if we find that there is an auspicious day in the very near future then we try to offer your Puja on that auspicious day to derive a better divine result. According to Hinduism spiritual power is activated on auspicious day.

4. I want to offer Puja on a particular day and a particular time – is it possible ?

Ans : Yes it is possible. However, in this regard we would like to request you to send the puja order at least 3 days before that particular day.

5. What is the delivery time?

Ans : Generally within 24 hrs. of offering Puja we currier your puja-upachar. Now it generally takes 48 hrs. to reach your your address, if within India.  For over seas delivery it generally takes 10 to 15 days to reach your address.

6. How do you perform Puja ?

Ans : After receiving your Puja order which contains your name, date of birth, Gotro, Star, purpose of Puja and lastly your choice of Puja, our purohit browses the PANJIKA to find best timing for the puja (in case of non-specific puja).  If it is a general Puja our purohit arrange for that. In case of Homa puja our purohit organises the Homa along with Puja.

7.  What is Homa and how do you perform it and what is the proof?

Ans : Homa puja is Offering of Special Puja for Peace, Happiness and to get rid of evil forces… This is basically offering of intensive Puja.  People go for Homa and Aradhana with belief in mind of getting a faster spiritual effect or result like -To get peace and happiness in mind, peace at home (griha shanti) and workplace, for protection from miseries, fulfillment of wishes and for spiritual benefits, for prosperity, material abundance, and spiritual prosperity. for a speedy recovery from illness, to remove troubles that prevents us from starting a spiritual path or business. For getting married. For a smooth life, peace and harmony in the family, to improve family relations, for sustaining the family, for departed souls.
Homa and Aradhana is also done to remove – Evil Forces, obstacles and negative vibration around a person and family and work places that hinders the progress and prosperity, Business Losses, distress etc. It is a time consuming intensive Puja process which is done by creating a fire and inviting the spiritual power of deity.

8.  Whom to contact for further query?
Ans :  Please call 7406406548,  7406402050

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