Update about this Website


This website is restored from an old backup and misses few posts between 2014-2019. During the lockdown the hosting plan was expired and the hosting provider did not notify the webmaster about it so that a backup can be taken or the hosting can be renewed. For a month or two after Sept ’20 the site went off-air. It is back from Nov 2020.

Secondly, Shree Shree Kalimata Temple Committee, stopped working after sad demise of its  president Mr. Anjan Mitra . The bank account that is mentioned in different pages of the site is no more operational.

The trust of Bangalore Kalibari has taken over the day-to-day operation of the kalibari.  This website is not approved as the official one by the trust as of now. Webmaster is running it as a service to the community from personal initiatives and would continue to do so.

You are advised not to use any contacts mentioned in  this website, the persons mentioned are no more working in their mentioned capacity. Please don’t use the bank account, mentioned here,  for making any donation to Bangalore Kalibari.

Bangalore Kalibari, is fully functional under the able management of the trusty. You are advised to visit the temple and get the updated information.