Mahalaya 2022

Dear Devotees

Like previous, non covid, years, Mahalaya Amavasya puja will be held at the temple at 05:00pm. It will be followed with Pushpanjali at 08:00pm. Khichudi-Bhog will be distributed from 08:30pm onwards.

Mahalaya Til Tarpan will be celebrated at Bangalore Kali Bari, on 25.09.2022 (Sunday) from 09:00am to 03:00pm. Committee will provide Til, Flowers and other puja items. If one wishes he/she can bring Bhujji. Per head Charge for Til Tarpan is Rs.251/- including snacks (Puri, Sabzi & Sweets). For extra snacks plate an additional charge of Rs.100 per pack, would be levied.

Hope to see you all at the temple.

Bangalore Kali Bari Trust